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1 Introduction 2 Setting 3 How to use 4 Make skin 5 Tags in skinfile
4 Make skin
Easy to change BBS layout by exchange skin set.
    Skin set is constructed by folowing 3 files.
    Set fileforumskinxxx.cgiSetting file
    Top skinHTM_skinxxx1.htmlSkin for top page
    Kind skinHTM_skinxxx2.html Other page

  • Form html is in forumdo1.cgi, but respond form is in forumdo3.cgi.
  • Choose and set skins in forumprf.cgi.

    Want to doDo it
    Change colors for my web image. Edit body tags or stylesheets.
    Exchange new mark Edit Setfile (forumskin.cgi)
    No need to upload in response posting. Erase image input tags in dofile forumdo3.cgi and forumdo1.cgi
    Edit number of attachable file in new entry posting. In forumdo1.cgi, Edit image input tags at New Entry Form and at Edit Form.
    No need to use any image input. Erase all image input tags in forumdo1.cgi and in forumdo3.cgi.

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